What to Consider if You’re Moving Across Canada

Whether you’re moving across Canada or relocating from another country to the great white north, making the trek long-distance can seem overwhelming, even if you know something better awaits you at the other end. To make the job as painless as possible, plan well in advance and follow these tips.

Book your movers in advance. You’ll need time to compare moving companies, pack your belongings and take care of details like changing your address, not to mention undertaking the move itself, which could take several days. Make sure you book your trip at least a month in advance and give yourself plenty of time for your belongings to arrive and to unpack before you start a new job or your children start their school term.

Understand specialized costs. Moving long-distance can be a little different than a short-term move where you can just load things into a van and head across town. If you’re moving over 500 miles, you might require an 18-wheeler, which in turn, might require a shuttle to deliver your belongings right to your door. You might need some storage as well, so don’t forget to factor that in too.

Try and hire a designated long-distance moving company. In the rush to gather quotes and find an economical option—after all, moving long-distance can be a significant cost—some people opt for a discount van line. Budget movers, however, sometimes have multiple contractors involved with the move, including entirely different people loading, driving and unloading your contents. A designated long-distance moving company will have a designated team accompanying your belongings and they will know the ins and outs of hauling across provinces.

Monika Kamyci

Royal LePage RES Ltd. BrokrageKamycki Group